Cities That Feed Our Planet

Farmwall is an agrifood-tech startup that designs urban farming technology and experiences to enhance fresh produce accessibility in the city.

In our constantly developing world, the need for more efficient and sustainable ways of living is rapidly becoming a must.

Farmwall is a response to this call to action. We dare to imagine how our cities can be transformed into food producing ecosystems.

We believe our cities can feed our planet, and that we can achieve wellbeing for all through education, sustainability and good nutrition.



We build Farmwalls for hospitality, workplaces and schools.
Beautifully designed indoor vertical farms using aquaponic principles.

We design urban farming solutions for underutlised space.
Effortless sustainability, activated through experience.

We grow and sell microgreens.
Zero-waste with no packaging, straight to the kitchens of hospitality and homes.



Geert new profile.jpeg

Geert Hendrix | CEO & Founder, Melbourne

Profile pics-02.png

Serena Lee | CCO & Co-founder, Sydney

Katie Parker  CFO & Co-founder

Katie Parker
CFO & Co-founder

John Servinis  CTO & Co-founder

John Servinis
CTO & Co-founder

Vaughan Ellis  Operations Manager

Vaughan Ellis
Operations Manager

Tobias Heeringa  Business Development

Tobias Heeringa
Business Development

Mia Watanabe  Urban Farmer

Mia Watanabe
Urban Farmer

Luke Barbuto  Urban Farmer

Luke Barbuto
Urban Farmer

Petros Miller  Horticulturist

Petros Miller

Paul Cannings  Sustainable Food Educator

Paul Cannings
Sustainable Food Educator

Gareth Davies  Horticulturist

Gareth Davies

Aiden Colla  Industrial Designer

Aiden Colla
Industrial Designer