Work for an exciting, fast-paced AgriFood Tech startup in the heart of the city.


Job Title: Urban Farmer

Location: Sydney 2000 NSW - Ideal for someone who lives close to the city.

Availability: Part-time 3 to 4 days a week. Flexibility to develop into full time is preferred.

Commencement: 26 August 2019

Job summary
Farmwall is looking for a new urban farmer to join the Sydney team! The majority of the job will revolve around the upkeep of our indoor vertical farms across multiple venues, as well as managing the production, maintenance and logistics of produce and infrastructure within our indoor urban farms.

About Farmwall
Farmwall is an AgriFood Tech startup on a mission to transform cities into food producing ecosystems. We design and implement technology enhanced, food producing solutions in urban spaces, with the goal of enhancing the built environment with positive social and environmental outcomes. Our flagship design is the ‘Farmwall’, a small scale indoor farm that uses aquaponic principles to grow microgreens with zero waste, food miles and packaging. Farmwalls operate under a service model that work with hospitality, workplaces, and schools. Farmwall also designs urban farming solutions for under-utilised space. This indoor urban farming concept is known as Cultivate, and it is a collaboration between Farmwall and real-estate group Mirvac. We are a disruptive startup building an impact driven market through highly nutritious microgreens, bringing sustainability, wellbeing and local food into our urban spaces.

About the role
The role of the urban farmer will be to ensure Farmwalls are maintained with fish tank care, produce and water replenishment, cleaning, maintenance and most importantly - always ensuring they look green, lush and amazing. The urban farmer will also look after the produce maintenance in our urban farms. This includes seeding of microgreen trays for Farmwalls, planting of leafy greens into hydroponic infrastructure, harvesting related produce, and general maintenance of farming equipment. In addition to the production and maintenance side of the role - you will also be constantly activating Farmalls through encouraging the uptake of microgreens, as well as educating the broader community through running workshops. If you don’t know what you’re talking about - don’t worry! You’ll learn fast.

How it fits in with our business
Being an urban farmer for Farmwall, you are an instrumental part of turning the wheels of our operation. You are in charge of production, quality and delivery— you are also the brand ambassador that has one to one contact with our customers, as well as ensuring all of our systems look amazing, at all times. Being in the front line of Farmwall, you also have a key role to play in pushing bold and brave new concepts, constantly raising awareness, educating and activating to the broader public about what you are doing, and why people should care.

Why Farmwall is a great place for you
Unlike most AgTech innovations happening in Australia, Farmwall takes place right in the city of Sydney and Melbourne, bringing together a plethora of like-minded people with a range of backgrounds and skill sets, all working together to create the green city of the future. Working with Farmwall provides endless opportunities and experiences. Everyday is a new adventure, encountering new problems to solve matched with new revelations. Interactions with a range of different people is an everyday experience, making the role an adventure that will grow your network and personal development. We’re a social enterprise with purpose embedded into our constitution, that we uphold throughout our everyday operations, our values and our culture.  We’re a small team who like to move quickly, with national and global presence in the horizon. We are looking for long lasting employees that will grow alongside the business, continuously pushing and challenging themselves, while we provide the platform for those outcomes to thrive.

Skills and experience
Having a green thumb is crucial! Work experience in the urban agriculture industry is preferable. Academic qualifications from university or TAFE are also preferred. You must have knowledge and passion in the field of what we do. This includes  natural ecosystems, plant growth, horticulture, composting, plant sciences, aquaponics, hydroponics, permaculture, urban agriculture, agronomy and sustainable living skills.

Strengths and qualities

  • Social and conversational, matched with professional communication. 

  • Not afraid of change and an active problem solver

  • Blue-sky thinker continuously creating innovating solutions

  • Entrepreneurial mindset who isn’t afraid to ‘do what it takes to get it done’

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Serena Lee, at

Serena Lee