The Development of our Intent

Just a few days ago, Farmwall undertook the first half of a two-day business modelling workshop with The Difference Incubator. For those who might not know TDi, they're an amazing company helping businesses with purpose achieve their social impact. In addition to this, Farmwall will also be joining their Two Feet incubator program! It's an incredibly exciting journey that will kick off on the 2nd of May. 

Held at their home base at Donkey Wheel House, the session was run by Ben and Caro—two delightful enterprise consultants who made the day stimulating and exciting while packing it full of great case studies, helpful modelling structures and valuable advice. Not to mention the snacks, which produced an impressive display of carrot and celery stick Jenga towers.

The workshop comprised of four other great players, ranging from established enterprises to innovative startups in the making. The intimate group and the broad scope of business stages really encouraged an inspiring environment where visions where shared, knowledge was exchanged and laughter was enjoyed.

The biggest take home was asking the question why. It took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to really get to the crux of this answer. A lot of confusion came from the inability to distinguish between what you do, and why you do it. The outcome of the service/product is not the why. Rather; the why is what inspires the action in the first place. Farmwall's intent is bigger than local, organic produce at the fingertips of the chef. It's bigger than using urban agriculture as a sustainable farming tool. So what is it?

Why does Farmwall exist? To transform our cities into food producing ecosystems that positively impact our environment and inspire others to make sustainable change.

The business model is developed to serve this intent. It is the DNA of the company that requires evaluating every decision and action against how well it meets this intent. It's the statement that keeps Farmwall accountable for staying on track, motivated for following the dream and inspired to keep making that change. 

Serena Lee