To transform our cities into food producing ecosystems.



No packaging
Less food waste
Reduced food miles



Enhanced food values
Urban farming education
 Connection with food origins



Nutrient rich
Naturally produced
Fresh and hyper local


Education & Awareness

We facilitate child-friendly planting stations at festivals and events. We raise awareness about local, sustainable food using fun and engaging activities. We teach children, as well as their parents, just how easy it is to grow food at home.



Stand Up's Community Picnic

19 November 2017

"You gave our kids a really special experience planting sprouts and getting to take them home. This may seem small, but these sort of experiences are not on the top of a parents' list when every day is so hard”

—Lisa Buchner, Refugee Support Director at Stand Up


Little Dreamers' Young Carers Festival

15 October 2017

"Having Farmwall at the annual Young Carers Festival was amazing. They fit in perfectly with our theme of providing children with fun, unique, insightful, and rewarding experiences. The children we support are often quite time poor, and miss out on the little things that make life great. Farmwall was able to give each child at our event the time and respect they deserve and make their day just a little bit more special, and gave them a living reminder of what Farmwall does to take home with them. We hope they return next year!"

—Owen Walker, Research and Development at Little Dreamers